What is ellie

Ellie is a type-safe programing language that runs on embedded and sandboxed environments.

Package Management

Ellie’s package manager Lia keeps all the packages in a global archive. Lia uses ellie’s pre-compile system, so when you install a package, it will be compiled and stored in the archive. This helps you out in speed and memory usage.

Universally Compiled

Ellie has leveling system on target environments. Packages with matching levels can be used on the target environment.

VM Levels

0Windowsx86, ARM, x64
0Linuxx86, ARM, x64
0MacOSARM, x64
1MetalARM, RISC-V, x64

FFI Interface

Ellie has a Foreign Function Interface that allows you to call C functions from your code. Also you can call Ellie functions from C.