Building Ellie

Package Features


  • ellie_engine - Ellie Engine contains tokenizer, parser, bytecode, fmt, vm and other core components.
  • elliec - EllieC is compiler binary for Ellie.
  • ellievm - EllieVM is virtual machine binary for Ellie.
  • elliefmt - EllieFmt is formatter binary for Ellie.


  • Features

    • compiler

      This feature enables only compiler related components. Imports following libraries ellie_tokenizer, ellie_parser, ellie_bytecode and ellie_core/compiler_utils.
    • vm

      This feature enables only vm related components. Imports following libraries ellie_vm, ellie_vm/std.
    • fmt

      This feature enables only fmt related components. Imports following libraries ellie_fmt.
    • standard_rules

      This feature enables standard rules check on syntax. Imports following libraries ellie_parser/standard_rules.
    • cli-utils

      This feature enables cli utils. Imports following libraries ellie_renderer_utils/cli-utils.
    • B64

      This feature selects x64 architecture. Imports following libraries ellie_vm/B64.
    • B32

      This feature selects x32 architecture. Imports following libraries ellie_vm/B32.
    • B16

      This feature selects x16 architecture. Imports following libraries ellie_vm/B16.


Ellie has tools relasing reAssembling bytecode instuctions, cleaning up repository and many more.

  • | clean_up.ps1

    This script cleans up repository by removing all the compiled binaries and other files.

  • reAssembler.js

    This script reAssembles instruction.json file to required, and files.

  • release.js

    This script selected binaries and preapares output for release.

  • integration_test crate

    This crate contains integration tests for Ellie. You can test compiler, tokenizer, parser, vm and fmt using this crate.